Monday, 1 December 2008

Tea for Joy....and High Tea of Highgate

I am very excited to be the guest blogger over at tea for joy today! Thank you so much Lynne for the opportunity, I feel privilaged to be asked!

So....on Saturday I have managed to cross one more thing off my “28 things to do before I am 29” list by visiting my friend Niki Groom’s illustration exhibition at High Tea of Highgate , a very cute little teashop in Highgate village.

Niki has kindly given us a mini interview below and let us into her secrets as an illustrator! Thanks Niki!

1. What inspires you the most?
I find I get so inspired when I'm by the sea. I stayed in Gardenstown, Scotland for a week with a view of the sea and couldn't stop painting.....I got back to London and I couldn't get my ladies to come to life at all!

2. Who is your favourite artist/ designer / illustrator?
I love, love, love Robert Ryan and didn't eat for a couple of months in order to buy a couple of his prints! My favourite illustrators at the moment are Lovisa Burfitt and Tina Berning.....(I got her book '100 girls on cheap paper' for my birthday and it's so beautiful - I look at it all the time.)

3. If you could live anywhere is the world where would it be?
I'd like to live in devon on the coast........but there are places I absolutely love but couldn't live full time, like fishermans cottage in Ko Lanta Thailand, and the tiny fishing village of Gardenstown, Scotland.

4. Name one thing that you own that you could not live without?
Pencil and paper!

5. What is your favourite tea?
Lemon and ginger


Lynne said...

Thanks for guest blogging. Sorry about my rubbish header but I am working on it! Love the interview - I love Rob Ryan too - and so impressed you are making progress with your list - I haven't looked at mine for a bit but I suspect my progress is none!

Helen Cuthbert said...

Thanks Lynne....and by the way I love your header!