Monday, 27 October 2008

I Love....Lists!

Inspired by tea for joy, simple lovely and doobleh-vay’s posts I have decided to get my life organised (haha) and write a “28 Things to do before I am 29” list!
That gives me 6 Months! Yikes!

I Love Lists and make hundreds everyday but I found this strangely difficult. I have tried to be realistic as to what I can physically get done. I could really add more but….here you go!

1. Design a header for my blog.
2. Work out how to make my blog into three columns.
3. Make some Christmas cards.
4. Make some Christmas gifts.
5. Use my gocco printer that I bought over 6 months ago and is still sitting in the box!
6. Make some pin badges with new pin badge machine.
7. Use all the fabric / trimmings etc that I already have for craft projects without buying more!
8. Finish my Portfolio.
9. Submit some designs to my ever expanding list of greetings card publishers, graphic design studios and companies that I would really like to work for.
10. Learn how to use Illustrator! (We use a CAD programme called U4ia at work and there is no-one left in the UK using it so I am a bit out of date!!)
11. Move to the flat downstairs (I am not looking forward to this I hate moving!!)
12. Design myself a portfolio website and commission my boyfriend James to get it online for me!
13. Put more items up in my etsy shop.
14. Make a start on the website design for “Just Manilla” shop.
15. Make some cushions from the new Biba type fabric I bought from Portobello.
16. Go to East Dulwich for the day to look around the shops.
17. Go to the Lisa Stickley shop in Clapham.
18. Visit my friends exhibition of Illustrations at High Tea of Highgate.
19. Finish a painting!
20. Make a peg-bag.
21. Have a day out in the city of Bath.
22. Go to Columbia Road Flower Market
23. Visit Kew Gardens to take some pictures of flowers.
24. Do a stall at a fair or Market.
25. Go to Amsterdam with the girls, visit all the fab shops and go to the flea market there.
26. By some new winter boots.
27. Pay off my credit cards!! Eeekkk!
28. Make some more cupcakes to use up the spare decorations left over from my friends wedding. YUM!

“I Love Lists” notecards from etsy shop simple song designs. However to be really eco-friendly I use the back of all my saved up birthday and Christmas cards that I have received over the years!! A little trick I learnt from my “ever-so-green” Mum!


Shelley said...

Hi Helen,

Lists are good - glad I'm not the only person who lists out everything - sometimes I think I spend more time writing about what to do than actually doing them!

I also have make a peg bag on my list!

Interesting fact - used to work with Vicki Turner who made your mug tree.

Another thing on my to list to make!

Lynne said...

Hi, I love your list! I think we have very similar taste. I especially like your 'making badges' idea. I just saw badges being sold at Spitalfields - they were just a little piece of fabric - and they were some extortionate price - 2.50 each or something like that. By the way, High Tea of Highgate sounds good - if you take some photos when you go and want to write a guest post for my "Tea of the Week" let me know...!