Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New Year's Resolutions Revisted!

January – I can’t believe how quickly it has come around again! Where did the year go?
Inspired by tea for joy’s "style resolutions revisited" posts. I thought I would revisit the new years resolutions I made for 2009.

My 2009 Resolutions were;

1.To make more time and keep in contact with friends and loved ones, near and far.

I think I managed to achieve this one at least! I was a dutiful daughter and sister and made an effort to travel to Suffolk to visit! We visited the inlaws in Kuwait! I organised a small high school reunion with girlfriends. I even set up The Do Something Different Club! So far we have watched a Brazilian dance show, swam in a Lido and painted ceramics! Next meeting is planned for the end of this month - Looking forward to that - It’s an adult only evening at the Science Museum in London.

2. To stop being so hard on myself for not getting things done.
3. To get things done!

This was true of the first half of the year as I seemed to be quite productive but the only thing I have managed to do for the whole of November and December is get stressed and upset about my day job – not so good. I think this years resolution should be to do something about that don’t you!

4. To make at least a small start on all the ideas for a small business buzzing around in my head!

There have been a few small starts this year. None of them actually amounting to a whole business – but I am getting there. Wish I could tell you all about it but I don’t want to speak to soon about things ;0)

5. To boycott the high street as much as possible and buy independent and second hand.

This was always going to be a hard one but I did manage to boycott the highstreet in a sense that I didn’t buy very much at all last year!! Our
biggest purchase was the wood for the office/craft room that BF built.
( I promise I will post some pics of this and the rest of the flat soon. I am waiting for a sunny Saturday so that the photos don’t look too dark.)

6. To not spend on my recently cleared credit cards!

Oops! Say no more!

Oh dear I didn't do brilliantly did I!

My only resolution this year is to make myself happy that way I have lot's to look forward to in 2010!

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