Monday, 11 January 2010


If like me you are suffering from a touch of the January Blues, then what better way to pick yourself up than to dream about all of the things in life that make you Happy!

Inspired by Outside Oslo’s post - “What make’s you Happy?” (read it here.) I have compiled a list of my own. Well you know how much I love a list!

These things make me oh so happy!

* Rummaging through other peoples junk at a carboot sale, charity shop or secondhand shop and finding a treasure!
* Snow! Because snow makes everything beautiful and clean. I love the colour of the sky when it snows in the dark – how it reflects all of the streetlights and makes everything orange. I love the sound snow makes when you walk on it. I love the way snow seems to make everything go quiet. I love putting on 6 layers just to leave the house. I love wearing wellington boots and I love making snowmen!
* Scouring the internet for beautiful, pretty, rainbow coloured things that other people have lovingly made.
* Peanut Butter! Yum!
* Organising and re-organising my growing collection of fabrics, trims, buttons and crafty supplies! I do find myself organising more than making! Oh well it makes me happy!
* Getting stuck into a good book. Next one on my list is Audrey Niffenegger's (author of "The Time Travllers Wife") new book - "Her Fearful Symmetry".

"This is Happiness" Giclée Print from etsy shop Love Sugar.

Would love to hear yours :0) Happy Monday x


skirmishofwit said...

What a lovely post! I was feeling a little blue myself today so this was perfect for boosting my spirits. Hmm..things that make me happy: flowers, books, getting postcards, baking brownies, puppies, nice china, suddenly hearing a favourite piece of music when you least expect it, and perfume!

Feltbug said...

Happy HAPPY happy new year!! My beautiful babyface brooch makes me very happy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, so glad you were inspired to make your own list! I hope you'll visit Outside Oslo again sometime. Happy New Year!