Thursday, 5 March 2009

I won an award!!!

I couldn't stay away too long! Especially when you get a nice suprise like this waiting in your inbox!!
Wow! I am so grateful to Catherine over at kitty stitch for giving me a blog award for being fabulous!! Now I have to nominate 5 other fabulous blogs!

1. Kris's Colour Stripes is beautiful and was one of the very first blogs I ever tuned in to.

2. Lu Summers blu-shed blog is a showcase for her beautiful work and she is a fellow Suffolk Girl!

3. I love Wee Birdy's blog it is just so full of useful and stylish info!

4. Modish is a design lovers heaven.

5. And last but not least I love Homebug blog, we share the same taste. Zee always features such lovely things!!

1 comment:

modish said...

Thank you so much for your recommendation of my blog! I appreciate it! :)