Monday, 5 January 2009

New Years Resolutions 2009!

Just a bit of fun this week with a few lightheated bloggish posts!! Well it is the holidays!

My New Years resolutions are well...Just another excuse for me to make another list really but would like to think I could at least get a few of these done!

1. To make more time and keep in contact with friends and loved ones, near and far.
2. To stop being so hard on myself for not getting things done.
3. To get things done!
4. To make at least a small start on all the ideas for a small business buzzing around in my head!
5. To boycott the high street as much as possible and buy independent and second hand.
6. To not spend on my recently cleared credit cards!

Also LOVE this ceramic notepad from yoyo ceramics! What a great eco way to make notes for yourself!!


Annabelle said...

Great new years resolutions, especially the one 'not to be hard on yourself when things don't get done' - and 'get things done'!

I think my main resolution is to, get focused... on what exactly? well, I'm not sure.

Annabelle said...

Also, LOVE the ceramic note pad idea!