Monday, 12 January 2009

Best of British - Wee Birdy!

The first “Best of British” this week HAS to be last weeks, must read blog – wee birdy!
A fabulous guide to all things hip in London it’s really not to be missed. My favourites are the hot London Shop Tours featuring the ONLY shops you need to know about in London. No really – check it out and you will see - everything from chocolate and sweets at Paul A. Young and Hope and Greenwood.

To fashion and hats at KJ’s Laundry and Bernstock Speirs.

Other shops that are definitely worth a visit are Ryan Town and Pedlars.

Shop Local, Shop Independent = Shop Ethical !!!
Stay tuned tomorrow for a cut out and keep round up, of all my fav London shops not on wee birdy’s list, but definitely worth a mention;

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