Thursday, 15 January 2009

Best of British - The Stately.

As this weeks posts are “The best of British”, I couldn’t let the week pass by without mentioning our homegrown entrepreneurial streak!! The UK is now full of people who have gone out there and done it for themselves by starting their own business. I really aspire to that and would love it to be me one day!!

With this in mind I asked Rebecca - founder of the gorgeous online boutique The Stately to give us a bit of inside knowledge on setting up a business from scratch.

Here is what she said:

Tell us about your website...
The is a luxury accessories website. All the items are sourced from fairs and markets in the UK and sold in a beautiful on line environment. We specialise in exclusivity so most of our pieces are not available anywhere else online.

What inspired you the most to set up your own business?
I found most sites that retailed handmade, unique pieces were either poorly designed or too feminine. I wanted to create beautiful website that anyone could shop from with a real emphasis on outstanding customer service.

Tell us a few random facts about you...
I decided to setup the Business when I fell pregnant and wanted to work from home.
I want to keep everything I sell.
I own a sausage dog.

If you could give one piece of advice for anyone thinking of setting up their own business what would it be?
Its not easy! If you work from home it’s very difficult to snap out of ‘work mode’ as the place you relax can be the same place you are stressed! Really think about the long term too, a business needs constant lengthy attention!

If you could start your business again from the beginning what {if anything} would you do differently this time around?
Nothing major probably just not letting the little things bother me so much, (suppliers running late with orders, web developers not answering calls) you have to be diplomatic and ‘pick your battles’. I have big plans for in 2009. We will be adding lots of beautiful new products and services. It’s my aim to get an A list celebrity photographed in a piece from the boutique in this space!

Sounds very exciting! Check out the website here for more beautiful products like these....


Miss Aimee said...

Fun to read. Thanks for sharing. Have a GREAT day!!

Georgia B. said...

i love the belts!