Thursday, 20 November 2008

Ethical Tips....Saving Money the "GREEN" Way!!!

In today's Credit Crunch Climate you may think that being "Green" is not the healthiest option for your wallet! It's true that Organic, Fairtrade and eco-friendly products are naturally priced higher than your everyday items but there are ways of saving money and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

1. Do your Christmas Shopping online! There are so many great online eco shops out there with really fabulous gift ideas. You are bound to find something for everyone. Scroll down and check out my Ethical Shops list on the right hand side of my blog.
2. Be prepared! When you do your weekly food shop make a list of what you are going to eat everyday for the next week and plan what ingredients you need to make those meals. That way you only buy what you need and it cuts down on food waste and overspending! Try and cook from scratch too as buying fresh ingredients works out much cheaper than ready meals.
3. Cut your car use! Petrol prices have dropped slightly in the last couple of weeks and you can now pay less than a pound a litre in some places but it still all adds up! Try walking or cycling for a change and if you live in the city get the bus or the tube and leave that car at home! To find the lowest petrol prices in your area visit
4. Buy Secondhand! Why not be inspired by The Compact group and join thousands of people who have taken up the "buy nothing new for a year pledge." Of course there are exceptions to the rule! You don't have to go rummaging in bins to find food or anything like that! You can read more on their blog here! Or why not just shop more at your local charity and vintage shops or visit your local car boot sale to find some bargains! If you live in London then check out one of my favourite books "Bargain Hunters' London", you can buy it secondhand from Amazon here!

5.Turn off your lights! My mum would be proud as she was forever shouting "Turn the light off" when we left any room for even one second! Keep your bills low and your carbon footprint down by turning any unwanted electrical goods off at the switch. Don't leave your TV on standby and unplug any mobile phone chargers. A little bit of effort goes a long way!

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