Friday, 24 October 2008

Summer Time is officially over!!

British Summer Time officially ends this weekend with the clocks going back an hour on Saturday night. One more hour of partying or one more hour in bed!! Every year I always get confused about when they go forward and back and I am not the only one as I heard so a couple discussing it on the train this morning - they said that the clocks go forward...I actually doubted myself for about 1 minute then realised I was right after all!!!! I wonder if there is an easier way to remember???

Clock made from recycled coffee cups from ecocentric.


PJS said...

Glad you liked the heat bag tutorial. Thanks for stopping by my blog, sorry if you looked at any recent entries... there arn't any, but there will be soon.

Your blog looks lovely, recyling materials is such a great thing to do. I love reclying wool and curtains.

Lynne said...

Here's how to remember: you spring forward, fall back....

Reading your blog was how I found out the clocks changed! I would have had no idea otherwise, and no-one mentioned it the whole weekend. So, thanks!