Sunday, 24 August 2008

Ethical Inspiration....Seaglass.

One of the most beautiful ways of using glass and being green is to collect seaglass!!
What is seaglass I hear you cry...well it is glass that has been smoothed by the sea and then washed up on a beach near you!! Seaglass is not classified as natural material, so removing it from the beach is allowed! There are quite a few artisans and designers out there using this fabulous recycled material either as inspiration or within their's just a few.

1.Seaglass inspired plates made from recycled glass from Urban Peel.
2. Knife and folk from Sue Gray Jewellery.
3. Buttons from swept from the sea etsy shop.
4.Funky hanging fish from Windows Panes.
5.Seaglass Jewellery from arv-jewellery.

1 comment:

Christine said...

I love this seaglass, I really like living by the sea, wish it was is Europe though. I love walking alone the beach in all weathers and picking over things!! Your shop looks good as well. If you have any xmas cards let me have them in Jordan & I will try & sell them this end, well done keep at it!!!! luv Chris xxxx