Saturday, 23 August 2008

Eco Etsy!

I am back!! - After a brief absence of busy craziness I have finally found the time to sit down and write a bit on my blog! I might even add a few things to my etsy shop as well!! While on etsy I cam across the EcoEtsyTeam - a great collection of designers all concerned with eco issues.

Members of Eco Etsy work together to...

* Find attractive ways to reuse packaging materials
* Find promotional materials that are Eco-friendly
* Promote Etsy through the creative reuse and labeling of packaging
* Create tutorials for sellers who want to reclaim old magazines, newspapers, and other resources to create packaging
* Actively participate in the Eco Etsy Yahoo group, Message Board, and other web based groups for the team.
* Create a list of tips for sellers who want their shops to be more "green"
* Educate buyers and sellers on the importance of reuse.

On of the members is Etsy shop Enthral which has some really great jewellery pieces all made from recycled vintage jewellery.

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