Sunday, 11 May 2008

I Love....

A Sunny Day in May! Wippeeeeee!!! I am over the moon today! (despite feeling a slight tinge of hung-overness) There are lots of reasons why I extremely happy……
1. It was my Birthday celebrations yesterday and although I am edging ever closer towards 30 – I really don’t mind!
2. I received lots of beautiful and amazing presents from friends and family – thanks all. Including my new prized possession - a Nikon D40 digital SLR!! Wipeeeeeeee!! I will give you a bit of a review once I have been using it a little bit longer but hopefully you might notice the difference on my photos!!!!
3. My treat arrived from Print Addict Japan. My brand new Gocco printer. I can’t wait to get printing, I promise I will post the photos when I do!!
4. I bought lots of nice things from the car boot sale today.
5. I met lots of really nice people at the Farnham Maltings Festival where I was helping out yesterday. It was such beautiful weather and there was such a great turn out. I met Hazel from RikRackRow too you can see her beautiful etsy shop here. and a few bits of lovely jewellery below.
6. The summer is here for a while and it has just been the most beautiful weather….lets hope it lasts!!!

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