Thursday, 15 May 2008

Ethical Trend....BIRDS!

After seeing the Tamar Mogendorff website…(see yesterday’s post) it reminded me that I had been meaning to post about BIRDS!! I keep seeing them in every little design I like and they really inspire me! Here are a few I have found that I love…

1 and 2. Beautiful handmade birds by Abigail Brown
– and she has the most amazing website see it here.
3. Little hanging bird, by a very good friend of mine Sarah Papworth you can contact her here.
4. Card made from part recycled card by Foxy and Winston.
5. Purse by bird versus bird made from recycled banner fabric.
6. I absolutely love these beautiful hanging birds by Tamar - You can visit her beautiful blog here.
7. Not sure where I found these hanging birds if anyone knows please email me!!
8. Nice printed wooden birds from online shop Something Lovely.
9. Gorgeous bird boxes and birds by Tamar Mogendorff. (As mentioned in my post yesterday!!)

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