Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Ethical Shops....Quail by Mail.

Whilst searching for organic cushion inners today I randomly stumbled across a great ethical blog....ethical heroes. Last weeks interview was with Shauna Chapman from Quail by Mail. I don't very often feature fashion on my blog but I had to mention their lovely collection made from ethical, organic and fairtrade fabrics all handmade in the UK. My favourite is the Emily dress...I want one!! They do have cute little accessories too and I love the organic knitted cushions - yum! ( I still didn't find any organic cushion inners though so if anyone has found a good source please do let me know!! )


Quail said...

Hi Helen - thanks for the review! I've added a link to my blog considering you're also eco chic!

Helen Cuthbert said...

Thanks ;0)